Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Greek Invasion

Today is recovery day for me (not yesterday, believe it or not): George and I hosted a New Years Day open house for about 15 people. Most of them were George's family members and then a few friends stopped by.

I was able to spend a few minutes with George's father to fill in some gaps as to George's relatives - last names being Arvanites and Metropoulos. Louis provided me with birth dates and birthplaces for his sisters and also his wife Maria's parents' names. But with a house filled with guests and kids running around, it really wasn't the best time for me to job Louis' memory. I think we'll seek out a more quiet time to do this.

I also heard back from my cousin Tracy, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Alan's daughter. She organized the last Austin family reunion in 2005 and she has some info on her siblings that I need for the database. It looks like my email blast to long lost relatives is starting to pay off.

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