Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Box - Part 2

Well I last wrote about The Box in December after I had finished cleaning out most of my mother's house in Liberty, New York. I made a second pass at it today and feel that there's been some real progress.

I went through and selected photos that I need to scan for the genealogy database. Most of these are photos that were taken from 1905 through 1930, although there are many recent photos and some in between.

The challenge is what do you do with:

- photos that have no date or no names on the back (or front) and you can't identify any of the subjects?

- photos that have names scrawled all over the subjects' faces? Unfortunately as my great-grandmother Therese McGinnes Austin got older, she decided this was the best way to identify the people in the photos for the next generations.

- duplicate photos? How many photos can I have of one person especially in similar poses or outfits?

You just have to be ruthless sometimes and remove your emotions from the process. I really don't have anyone in the family that is interested in the photos let alone the genealogy info.

So I've decided to select the photos that are great quality, most representative of the person or time and place, and can be easily scanned. One example is the photo above - it is my grandfather on my mother's side. His name was Alfred Joseph Austin, 1917 - 1984. The photo was taken in 1922.

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