Saturday, October 6, 2007

Updated Genealogy Database is Available!

Well I am psyched because I finally found a GEDCOM to HTML program that I like! For those of you who don't understand the geekspeak: most genealogy software (I use Family Tree Maker) allows you to export the data out to a GEDCOM file which can be exchanged with most other people to use in their own genealogy software.

Once you have a GEDCOM file, the only way to post the information to a website is to use a program that can take all the data and build an index with linked webpages. These are called "GEDCOM to HTML" programs and the one I found (for free) is Ged2Web.

What I like about the results is how "clean" the look is. The last program I was using (which shall remain nameless), created way too many files, too many maps and other bells and whistles - and on top of that, created incorrect info! For example, there is a map that shows your ancestors distributed across the country and the world. So, up comes Jamaica! Now I know for a fact that not one of my 6300 +people in the database were born in Jamaica - and then I figured it out. My grandfather, Alfred Joseph Austin, was born in Jamaica, Queens, NY. How stupid is that?

Check out the new data: HERE

This post's photo is of Alfred Joseph Austin and his father, John Ralph Austin taken around 1935.

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