Monday, November 5, 2007

Johannes Pootman 1645-1690

Since today is the anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 when William of Orange assumed the British throne, I thought I might highlight one of my early Dutch ancestors.

Johannes Pootman (also spelled Putman) was my 9th great-grandfather and according to family history arrived in the New World in 1661. Once in Albany, New York, Johannes (better known as Jan) was apprenticed to Phillip Hendrickse Brouwer for a period of three years. After moving with the Brower family to Schenectady, New York, Jan became a free man in 1664 when Brouwer died.

For the next 25 years, Jan built up a small fortune as a farmer and land owner. In the mid 1670's he married Cornelia Bradt, the daughter of Arent Andres Bradt, the Vice Governor of Renselaerwyck as Schenectady was called at that time. Over the course of 14 years they had six children: Arent Janse, Marietje, Victor Janse, David Cornelius, Cornelius Janse and Catalyntje.

In the early morning hours of February 2, 1690, a large group of Native Americans (mostly members of the Sault and Algonquin tribes) led by the French, descended upon an unprotected Schenectady. During the course of what is now known as the Schenectady Massacre, 60 people were killed including 38 men, 10 women and 12 children. Jan Pootman and Cornelia Bradt Pootman were among the dead, Cornelia having been scalped. Over 27 people were taken as prisoners and brought to Canada.

Fortunately, the children of Jan and Cornelia all survived the massacre on that fateful night. Not much is known as to who raised them but they each went on to have extensive families in the Albany and Schenectady area.


Mark R. Putnam said...

Great site!

I note that you listed David Cornelius Putman as a son of Johannes. The Dutch used the father's name for the middle name of the children, so all of Johannes [Jan] Pootman's children would have the middle name "Janse", meaning Johannes' son, including David. Even Maria and Catherine would have been Janse's, or Maria Janse Pootman and Catherine Janse Pootman. David's next sibling in order of birth was Cornelius, so good old Warren T. Putman, I believe and or others mistook in some record the two youngest sons names David and Cornelius as one name David Cornelius.

David removed to New Jersey, married an Helena, and it seems died in Potterstown possbily not Pluckimen, as often reported. Perhaps, Potterstown was named for him. I started the notion that David died in Pluckimen, but I now believe that to be in error.

It is my guess since Johannes Pootman and Corneliu Bradt's second son was named Victor that Johannes Pootman's middle name was Victor . . . Johannes Victorse Pootman would have been his name of Jan Victorse Pootman.

The Bradt's were lumberman [and brewer's], I believe their name meant "Boardman" or makers of boards.

I'm told, and have learn from the other internet sites, that the Pootman name is a form of Portman.

Mark Putnam descendant of David "Janse" Putman.


Mark said...

We may have found the parents of Johannes "Jan" Pootman who was born in 1644 in Holland and died in Schenectady, New York, in 1690. According to the manner in which Johannes and his wife Cornelia Bradt named their children, Johannes Pootman's parents were Victor Pootman and a Marie.

In Aalburg in 1644, North Brabant, Holland, which was then a part of South Holland, a Jan Pootman was born to Victor Pootman and Marie Davids. This Jan seems to have been the Johannes "Jan" Pootman who immigrated to New Netherlands, or New York, about 1661, and who was the ancestor of the Dutch-American Putman family.

Victor Pootman was a school master in Aalburg.