Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advent Calendar - December 18, 2007

Christmas Stockings

Did you have one? Where did you hang it? What did you get in it?

Here is a brief summary of contributions from fellow bloggers and links to their individual posts:

Christmas Stockings appear on the mantle over at CanadaGenealogy, or 'Jane's Your Aunt'. Diane still has the Christmas stocking of her childhood and remembers what it would contain on Christmas morning.

Lori describes her stocking that her aunt made for her in Christmas Stockings posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. Learn what Lori would often find in the stocking on Christmas morning.

At Genea-Musings we see Randy rummaging through his gifts in the Christmas Stockings. He talks of receiving lots of candy (including See's - yum!) but still is able to maintain his hourglass figure. Randy, it's later than you think.

Janet also had a "fake fireplace" growing up and that as where the stocking were hung with care. In Hanging the stockings in anticipation of Santa's visit posted at Janet the researcher, she describes finding an orange in the toe of the stocking and toys.

In December 18 - Christmas Stockings by Terry over at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, his family's stocking were put up on the fireplace mantle in the living room. That all changed after his parents remodeled the house and removed the fireplace!

Jasia at Creative Gene has an interesting post titled I Had a Boot. While she didn't have a Christmas stocking as a child, she did have a boot placed under the tree for Santa to fill. Also learn about a special stocking she received from family in Poland.

Apple presents Apple's Tree: A Very Special Christmas Stocking posted at Apple's Tree. I don't know where to begin describing this fantastic and very personal post - go read what that Christmas stocking held.

Cheryl describes stockings past and present in Christmas Memories - Christmas Stockings posted at Two Sides of the Ocean. She has a great collection of stockings including one for her dog!

Colleen still has a fascination with stockings. Read The Oracle of OMcHodoy: Advent Calendar December 17: Stockings posted at The Oracle of OMcHodoy to see some great photos of her current collection.

At West in New England Bill gives us Stocking Stuff-ers. He admits that while some years the stocking would contain items like a wrist watch, he once received a lump of coal.

A quandry of where to hang Christmas stockings appears at Steve's Genealogy Blog. Stephen presents us with Santa in the Furnace and Stockings on the Radiator and describes those stockings personalized with his and his sister's name in glitter.

Finally, in Christmas Stockings at Destination: Austin Family, I am hoping Santa fills my stocking with some items for my bar - cocktail shaker, strainer, etc.

Check back tomorrow for more submissions on the next topic: Christmas Shopping

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, Thank you so much for such a fine job on the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. If all the bloggers are giving you as much grief as I, then you've gone the extra mile and many many more. Thanks for keeping my advent calendar going in spite of my excuses: the dog ate the computer is not very original nor is "I had a power surge" as the reason my daily post has not been submitted twice now! But through your efforts, it always has made the cut. THANKS.
Terry Thornton, Hill Country