Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Calendar - December 19, 2007

Christmas Shopping

How did your family handle Christmas Shopping? Did anyone finish early or did anyone start on Christmas Eve?

Here is a brief summary of contributions from fellow bloggers and links to their individual posts:

In The Great Christmas Shopping Mystery submitted by Stephen at Steve's Genealogy Blog, a shopping mystery is solved. He always wondered how his parents bought all those presents from Santa, and now he has the answer.

Randy has his shopping bags full as he presents Day 6 - Christmas Shopping posted at Genea-Musings. While he has bought some odd gifts in the past (like the practical mailbox), his biggest challenge is finding something to make his wife's eyes light up on Christmas morning.

Becky remembers one particularly bad "Black Friday" as she presents Christmas Shopping posted at kinexxions. Never again, she says.

Janet's mother exchanged so many gifts by mail that she overloaded the Canada Post. Read more as she presents Christmas - How many shopping days left? posted at Janet the researcher.

At CanadaGenealogy, or 'Jane's Your Aunt' Diane presents Christmas Shopping. Read another case of Christmas lists composed in shorthand and presents hidden in the attic.

Lori is in a shopping whirlwind as she presents Christmas Shopping posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. She mentions one of my favorite stores, Le Gourmet Chef, as well as many old department and specialty stores from Tupelo to Cincinnati.

At Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, Terry Thornton presents Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Day 19. He tries to recall a special trip to Sears in Memphis with its elevator in 1941 or 1942 and tells us how holiday shopping was done by Hill Country residents.

Apple and her husband have the right idea: they shop for each other starting the day after Christmas. Read more as she presents Christmas Shopping posted at Apple's Tree.

Jasia at Creative Gene blames her brother's late Christmas Eve shopping for overdone turkey each year. Go to Last Minute Christmas Shopping to see the details and the groovy leather jackets!

Chery has a beautifully written memory of trips to Montgomery Ward in Richmond, California during the holiday season. She gives us Wish Books and Hardwood Floors posted at Nordic Blue.

I have "mad skills" when it comes to on-line shopping for the holidays. Stop by Shop 'Til You Drop Offline at Destination: Austin Family.

Check back tomorrow for more submissions on the next topic: Christmas and Deceased Relatives

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