Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Resolutions - 2008

I know I will probably regret this list of genealogy/family history resolutions by Week 2 of 2008, but I am hoping they give me some touchstones this year.

The ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians created the concept of the resolution. They decided to celebrate the new year promising to return what they had borrowed. The Romans resolved to ask for forgiveness for past transgressions and offenses.

Being a forward-looking guy who almost never has a regret and won't look back lest he turn into a pillar of salt, my resolutions are more hopes and wishes, for both me and my fellow genea-bloggers.

Scan more photos

I resolve to not only scan more from The Box, but to participate in Scanfest at least twice this year. I also want to assist my father-in-law with scanning photos from his recently deceased sister's house and labeling the photos properly.

Resarch my Irish roots

I resolve to finally take time to seriously pursue the MacEntee, McGinnes/McGinnis, Farren, O'Keefe and Sullivan lines in my family tree.

Resolve my roadblocks

I resolve to not be detered by my research roadblocks, especially for the Henneberg, Finehout, Pressner, DeGroodt and Christiana lines.

Participate in more carnivals

I resolve to give back to those that have given to me and the rest of the genea-blogging community. Participate in carnivals, as much as possible, and contribute.

Write more vs. post more

I resolve to take time to not just post, but to spend more time on crafting family history episodes into better narratives. These are the stories I want to pass down to the rest of my family. Not just describe, but describe with feeling, describe with emotion, and describe with passion.

Better citations and notes

I resolve to get back to my college research days when the Chicago Manual of Style was my best friend. But oh citations have changed in 25 years! Take time to cite right the first time.

Inspire others

I resolve to undertake more projects like the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, but perhaps not as extensive as the ACCM. Develop projects that help inspire newcomers to pursue their own family history and projects that make these people feel welcome.


I resolve to listen more, talk less, and think later. Take time to visit the posts of my genea-bloggers friends as well as new blogs - they are great for inspiration, especially when in the middle of writer's block.

Be thankful

I resolve to be thankful to God, Creator, Allah, Buddah and all for me being right here, right now, in this place and in this time.

The rest

Hope for, pray for, and work to make the following true:

- A cure for Alzheimer's Disease as well as a cure for other afflictions such as cancer, depression and Lou Gherig's Disease which have not only touched my family but many others as well.

- An end to wars and the thinking that might makes right and that things can't be talked over. Mom always said if there's a problem, just talk it out.

- A return to common courtesy, good manners and basically treating others as though you were the other. Leave more than you take. Add don't detract. Bless not blast.

- A resolution, a peacemaking with family and friends with whom I've become separated, for whatever reason. Resolve to be in "right relationship" with those people although there was great hurt in the past. This doesn't mean absolution of past wrongs - but a better understanding and getting to the "why" without the blame.

- A mind-change for all the cell-phone yapping, latte sucking, self-indulgent, aggressive-driving, conspicuous-consuming people. Zap them with a bolt of realization, common sense and decency to do the right thing. Or at the very least make their cell phones explode thus spilling their caramel mocha whatevertino all over their expensive rich Corinthian leather car upholstery. Please.

- A world where a school teacher's annual salary is at least what a professional sports player makes in only one game.

- A time to bring our boys and girls home. I swear it's not too late.

I also resolve to stop making resolutions that I can't keep more than two weeks.

This was written for the 39th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene.



You have similar resolutions to mine. I really enjoyed your
other thoughts also, it is nice to see I am not the only one who sees
some of todays lifestyles as way
over the top.
Happy 2008! No latte in my future!

Colleen said...

Okay, I think you've already fulfilled your resolution to give back to the genealogy blogging community. Your Advent Calendar activity was awesome, and in my book, counts for the whole of 2008!

Happy New Year!

Janice said...

Your forgot your role in "Its Your Life!"

Have a Happy 2008!


Lee said...

I'm going to have stop running amok on commenting sprees because I forget which blog posts I've commented on and which ones I haven't. But still, I could have sworn I left one here earlier. Did you get tired of approving them, or am I losing my mind? LOL...Anyway...

I absolutely love your list of resolutions, especially the one about inspiring others.

Happy New Year, Thomas!

Craig Manson said...

Excellent . . . as was the Advent Calendar series!