Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back from Reno

I am back from my all-too-short vacation. Of course, the plane was delayed due to an FAA "air traffic flow control" and I left warm 47 degree temperatures for a lovely 14 degrees here in Chicago.

I probably will be up and running by this afternoon with new posts and comments on all the blogs belonging to my genea-friends.

And, lastly, the Etta James concert I attended Saturday evening was sublime! I had front row tickets (not sure how I managed that . . .) and for a woman turning 70 later this month, she did quite a show! Sadly, whenever I would mention her name to anyone under 30, they'd say "Etta who?" Her hit song "At Last" from 1961 has to be one of the classics. This hit must have been played at so many weddings as a first-dance song . . .


Steve said...

Welcome back, Thomas!

I saw Etta James about 10 years ago when she performed at "A La Carte, A La Park" in San Francisco. She can still belt them out, can't she!

Terry Thornton said...

LOL! Thomas, it appears that you lost the green suit in Reno! Did the fashion police get you or did you just make one bet too many!!!

Chery said...


Gee, you're looking so young - the new year agrees with you. Or, is it a new facial cream?

Just wanted to say that I saw Etta James last year; she performed at the Tulalip Reservation here in WA with B.B.King. That was a double-header I was very glad to have not missed. Wow!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Chery - I saw BB King, also in Reno, about two years ago just after his 80th birthday. I thought it was a great show - especially since he walked on that stage unassisted, sat and played for over an hour, and then made it a point to get up from that chair and walk off by himself.

I am jealous that you got to see both BB and Etta in the same show!!! At some point, although I don't know how it relates to genealogy, I will need to work in a post about my other recent shows including George Jones, Steve Lawrence and Edyie Gourmet, Ann Margaret and Johnny Mathis. My next show next month: Wanda Sikes!