Friday, January 18, 2008

Genealogy Blog Spotlight

In response to Denise Olson's challenge over at Family Matters - encouraging genea-bloggers to promote other genealogy/family history blogs that others might find useful or interesting - I submit the following for your perusal:

Genealogy Insider

Hosted by Diane Haddad, this blog contains a fair share of humor, which we could all use in our lives. And even better when it pertains to the drudgery of genealogy and family history research. Diane also highlights some great tools and tips for researchers at every level.

Upstate New York Genealogy Blog

This is a recent discovery for me and I am slowly making my way back through many useful posts. Most of my ancestors are from New York and arrived there either directly from Holland in the 1660s or were part of the Yankee Migration of the 1770-1790s from New England. Many of the posts pertain to New York research but there are also useful posts for all researchers.

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