Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Betty Ford Clinic for Genea-Bloggers

Well, here are the results so far. It seems that Miriam at AnceStories is our resident Amy Winehouse of Genea-bloggers with a whopping 82%!

AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: 82%

Transylvanian Dutch: 81%

Genea-Musings: 80%

Geneablogie: 78%

GenLady: 72%

kinexxions: 70%

Nordic Blue: 68%

Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi: 65%

Orations of OMcHodoy: 64%

West in New England: 61%

Fruits of My Mind: 55%

Destination: Austin Family: 54%

Jessica's Genejournal: 54%

Genealogy Reviews Online: 50%


Jasia said...

I came in at 67% but once I indicated on the last question that I wouldn't blog about it I couldn't ;-)

I would have been off the chart if they had asked about the length of time spent actually writing for my blogs. I'm a slow writer and I spend way more time writing for my blog each day than I do reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. MacEnTee,

What are the symptoms? Is there a self cure? Do individuals with a problem under estimate the extent of their problem? How are you proposing curing all the addicts? Have you a 10-step plan for redemption?

Hopelessly addicted to blogging but hoping for a cure.

Willy Puckerbrush

Miriam said...

Thomas, where did you find that photo of me? I thought my manager had "taken care of" all those embarrassing pix. Oh, well, what the hey, I don't care...I can quit any time I want to...I just don't want to. To paraphrase a well-know saying, "I don't suffer from my addiction, I enjoy every minute of it!"

Elizabeth said...

Hi Thomas - I clocked in at 78%. I was supposed to be sleeping when I took the quiz (and blogged about it), and right now, I'm supposed to be getting my kid ready for her dance class, but I'm reading your blog instead.

I need help. Fast.

Anonymous said...


I came in at 51%. So if I'm not quite as addicted as the rest of you, why is it that I seem to have no time to do anything? Before I started this blog, I worked full-time yet still had time to read a book every week or so, work on another blog, write for actual money, and actually clean my house. I'm not saying it's related, but it's February and my Christmas decorations aren't quite AWAY yet...this blog started in January. Coincidence? I think not. Sign me up at the clinic!


Lori Thornton said...

I came in at 62% but I rarely put those little quiz results on the blog after I take them. I do the quizzes mostly out of curiosity. Like Jasia, I said that I didn't plan to blog it. I began to regret it after everyone else posted theirs, but I didn't want to go back and take it again.

Tim said...

Wow, It's hard to believe I'm the least addicted at 50%. I probably answered the questions wrong...