Friday, February 1, 2008

A Wall Broken Down

I am happy to announce some progress on the MacEntee side of my family tree. I have been able to determine my 2nd great-grandfather as John W. MacEntee born about 1846 in New York state.

For the past few months I have been stopped at his son, Elmer A. MacEntee (b. November 27. 1881, died aft. 1930) but some diligent research brought me to John.

In the 1910 Census for the town of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York, there is a page that is very poorly digitized. So much so, that the name comes up as "McEnton."

But, as we all you, you should still give a look especially since there was an Elmer as the head of household. Sure enough, on the last line for the family group was listed John W. MacEntee, father, aged 64.

Since all the other members of the household match up with the Elmer A. MacEntee census records for 1930, 1920 and 1900, I'm much convinced this is the correct person.

Now I'm off to get more information on my elusive John.

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Jasia said...

Congratulations T! Go get 'em!