Friday, March 7, 2008

A Trip Home

Just a quick note - I will be flying home to upstate New York this weekend to see my mother who is not well. The Alzheimer's disease has progressed to the point where she is not eating (only because she can't focus long enough to understand the act of eating) and wandering the hallways. Now that the warmer weather has come upon us (!), I can safely travel up to Walton Mountain where I grew up (that's what I call it).

Wish me luck as I deal with some end-of-life issues such as nixing the idea of a feeding tube or resuscitation, making funeral arrangements, etc.

I will however, take sometime for myself on the way back Monday: I plan to stop in at the Montrepose Cemetery in Kingston, New York (where the McEntees are buried) or at the Rural Cemetery in New Paltz, New York (where the MacEntees are buried) and take some photos.

I will probably take care of all my upcoming carnival posts later today/tonite and also post the next chapter on the MacEntee/McEntee story.


Apple said...

It's hard dealing with our parents end of life issues. It must be harder for you being so far away and not having the support of your brother. I wish you well in the planning that must be done. As of now it looks like you'll be on the warm side of the storm they're predicting. Wishing you safe travel!

Miriam said...

Thomas, my thoughts and prayers go with you.

Take care,

Laura said...

I'll be thinking of you this weekend - I know how difficult and stressful this is, having gone through this with my mother 8 years ago. I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you both - I realize that this sounds trite, as does just about anything people can say. What I mean is, I'm thinking of you.

Elizabeth said...

Have a safe trip, Thomas. I lost my mother back on '01. It's difficult, no matter what the circumstances.

Jasia said...

God bless you Thomas on your mission of mercy.