Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What? Another Vacation?

Yes, lucky me, another vacation. In case you haven't noticed I love to travel, and am off once again. I knew that last weekend's visit to see Mom would take quite a bit out of me, so I was smart and scheduled some "me time" last month. And since I'm sitting on over 300 hours of vacation, I figured I better start enjoying it.

I will be in The Biggest Little City in the World (aka Reno, NV) beginning tomorrow through the day of my people, St. Patrick's Day. I intend to relax, go to the Nevada State Art Museum, eat some great meals, meet up with friends, and perhaps head outside to the St. Patrick's Day street festival. After all, someone has to drink that green beer - it is not going to drink itself.

The photo above is from last month's vacation in Reno when I got the chance to go backstage and meet Wanda Sykes. She was just as funny offstage as she is onstage, and I also got to see her playing blackjack that weekend out on the casino floor.

I'll be back on Monday and look forward to some great posts to read!

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