Saturday, April 5, 2008

And The Wheels In The COG Go Round And Round!

Remember that song as a kid? Well my post title is a variation and is in tribute to the great job that Jasia at Creative Gene always does with the Carnival of Genealogy.

On April 3 she posted the "roll up" of the 45th Edition with the topic being "Cars as Stars of Our Family History." Jasia was able to get and record number of posts submitted this time - it seems that this whole COG thing is on a roll!

Of course, I was honored this time to be first in line when it came to the list of posts with "I Don't Drive, I'm Driven." When I've done roll ups for blog carnivals, I've often tried to figure out who should be first - and many times it is just for the sake of variety. However, I suspect Jasia placed me as the "hood ornament" since I don't drive. Maybe she wanted to dispose of the "anti-COGger" in hopes I'd roll off the hood, get out of the way and then let the other drivers go on their way. LOL!

If you haven't seen this edition of COG, please drive on over now! And, if you are new to blogging or have wanted to blog about genealogy and family history but were concerned as to how to get started, Jasia's site is a great starting point.

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Jasia said...

Thank you so much for promoting the COG and all your kind words, Thomas. You made my day :-)

I often play around with the order of presenting articles in the COG but for this edition each article appeared in the order that I received it. Yours just happened to be the first one I received.

However, that in no way takes away from how special you are and how wonderful your writing is!