Thursday, April 17, 2008

Any American Revolution Ancestors?

This Satuday, April 18th, is the 333rd anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord which marked the commencement of the Revolutionary War.

I recently knocked down a brick wall this week and found about six generations of Everetts in Massachsetts going back to about 1630. Many of the Everetts were Minute Men and responded to the alarm sounded at Lexington and Concord.

I'll be posting a brief biographical sketch of these men. Perhaps you'll join me and let us all in on your "revolutionary" ancestors.

Photo: The Minute Man, a statue by Daniel Chester French erected in 1875 in Concord, Massachusetts.


Miriam said...

Great idea, Thomas! Since I'm right in the middle of writing about my Civil War ancestors, I may wait until next year, or perhaps around the 4th of July.

I'm looking forward to reading your sketches.

Bill West said...


Nice idea! I was in the process
of putting together some stuff on one of my Minutemen ancestors,so I'm in.

Lori Thornton said...

My post will end up being later. I've been so busy this week that I'm way behind on blog reading and posting!

Apple said...

I'll be doing well if I can get the pension application of Daniel Carlisle done and follow up with the leads it provides. I have several from the Rev. War that I could (and should)outline.