Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Angie's List Interview

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Angie's list® and last December, a small article about the house in which I grew up was featured in their monthly magazine.

I received an email yesterday from one of their editors - they would like to interview me as part of a cover article on genealogy. The interview will take place tomorrow afternoon and I'm sure that my focus will be on the use of Internet resources for genealogy and family history research. During these times of high gas prices, and high prices for everything in general, more and more people are interested in working on their family trees from home. Not many people are making genealogy-related field trips these days - or at least that's how it seems to me.

I will keep you posted on how the interview goes.


Miriam said...

Thomas, I've not heard of Angie's List before (will have to check it out to see if they have it in this area), but then again, my hubby is very handy and so we have not had to hire out for contracting, etc.

I'm thrilled for you that you are getting this interview! Way to go! Is the magazine digital or print? Please let us know when it is published.

Thomas MacEntee said...

I could not survive without Angie's List - it is like Consumer Reports for local contractors, goods and services. It has been crucial when doing remodeling work or buying major items.

They have both a hard copy and a digital version. I am sure that this will be for the November issue probably tied in with Thanksgiving and family.