Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They're Cousins! Identical Cousins All The Way . . .

Does anyone remember that from the intro for The Patty Duke Show back in 1965? Well while I am not an "identical" cousin, it appears that for the second time in less than a week, I've been informed that a fellow genea-blogger is a cousin of mine.

This time it is Kathryn at Looking4Ancestors! She noticed in my comment at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, that I am descended from Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke and his wife, Ots-Toch - they are my 11th great-grandparents. Kathryn also descends from this same couple but they are her 10th great-grandparents (does that mean she is a generation older than me? Gosh I hope not since I feel very old lately!)

Here is my line of descent:

Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke and Ots-Toch

Jacques Corneliese Van Slyke and Grietje Harmanse Ryckman

Grietje Van Slyke and Andries Arentse Bradt

Grietje Bradt and Phillip Bosie

Gertrude Philipse Bosie and Johannes Marinus

Claartje Janse Marinus and Wouter Dence

William Dence and Hannah Arianntje Putman

David Dence and Margaret De Wandelaer

Hannah Dence and Ira H. Austin

William Dence Austin and Catherine M. O'Keefe

John Ralph Austin and Therese Rose McGinnis

Alfred Joseph Austin and Anna May Henneberg

Jacqueline Barbara Austin and Richard James MacEntee

Thomas James MacEntee

Lorrine over at Olive Tree Genealogy has written notable pieces of reference material for anyone whose trees may intersect with the Van Slyck/Van Slyke families in New York. Please take time to visit her great site (as well as Kathryn's site!) and investigate whether The Van Slyke Family in America: A Genealogy of Cornelise Antonissen Van Slyke, 1604-1676 and his Mohawk Wife Ots-Toch, including the story of Jacques Hertel, 1603-1651, Father of Ots-Tock and Interpreter to Samuel de Champlain can assist you in your research.

Okay, so who is next? Last week it was Becky Wiseman over at Kinexxions who is my 8th cousin, so since these things come in threes, I will be waiting. But perhaps Kathryn is number three and Lorrine is number two - so I guess this streak may be over.


Lorine said...

Hi Thomas,

It's very cool that we are related through our Van Slyke lines. Did you know I am a Bradt too? :-) I suppose it would be WAY too much to wonder if our McGinnis lines connect? That's my maiden name!


Thomas MacEntee said...

Oh yeah - I knew about the McGinnis/McGinnes lines but we would be hard pressed to find a connection I bet - at least on these shores.

BTW - I purchased one of your books today via Pay Pal. I really need to beef up my library plus it is a great way of honoring your contribution!

Kathryn Doyle said...

It's always special to find cousins but it's very cool to find the genea-blogger type! I especially enjoyed the journey down memory lane with Patty Duke.