Friday, September 12, 2008

Follow Me, Follow You

If you haven't heard about Blogger's new gadget called Followers, take time to check it out if you have your site hosted at Blogger.

And if you want to know which Genea-Blogger members have the Followers gadget added so far, here is the list:

100 Years in America
A light that shines again
Ancestor Search Blog
Bootcamp for Geneabloggers
California Genealogical Society and Library blog
Creative Gene
Destination: Austin Family
The Educated Genealogist
Heritage Happens
Jessica's Genejournal


Sheri said...

Me, Me! I have the follow widget also on my blog.

A Fellow Love Machine,

Msteri said...

Hi Thomas,

I am a Genea-Blogger member also and have the Followers Gadget!



Colleen said...

I just added the Followers gadget to my Orations blog. I can't add it to Oracle as it's still in the old format and will be until they won't let me! You can still follow it and it'll show me my followers on the Dashboard.