Monday, September 29, 2008

Khaki Diaper Butt?

Is it just me, or do the advertisements over at Facebook get kind of bizarre after a while? Take the one pictured above for example. I am wondering what in the love of Marcia Brady triggered this:

- I did order some khakis from Amazon last week

- I am having another birthday in less than three months but not one that warrants shopping for adult diapers. Not yet.

- I do have a smart-alecky response to the question, "Boxers or brief?" I usually say, "Depends."

Anyone else been hit up with Khaki Diaper Butt? Is there a cure?

On a positive note, you can use the thumbs up or down icon to vote on the ad.


Sheri said...

Well to answer their question - Yes, I am tired of khaki diaper butt.

Are you saying that the ads we see on facebook are personalized to each of us?

The thought of that is frightening, especially if they really get to know me!

Elizabeth said...

I haven't seen Khaki Diaper Butt yet, but I have seen some weird ones. I get the Fabulously 40 ads and a bunch of parenting stuff, so I think they do try to gear the ads towards each person. Unless you're getting Mommy ads, too??

I like to click on the thumbs down icon when I see one I don't like and then give it a reason. I won't tell you which ones these are, but you can probably guess. I haven't seen them since I did that, so it must be working! :-)

BTW, I know what a "diaper butt" looks like, and I'm pretty sure you don't have one.

looking4ancestors said...

It would seem that facebook does cater it ads to each person. I get a lot of Canadian content and cosmetic ads plus this one particluar ad saying that all these Canadian companies will send me free stuff just for trying it out. No khaki diaper butt here! LOL!

ruth said...

Hey Thomas!

Did you see the Facebook advertisement for MI6, the official employer of James Bond? ( Weren't you recently job-hunting? There you go!

Lisa said...

I have gotten that ad too. It asks me if I have to dress my husband and if I'm tired of Khaki diaper butt!
I just put the phrase into google and your blog popped up. I must say if I had to dress my husband I would definitely grow tired of Khaki diaper butt because I have two children in diapers

Anonymous said...

I still don't know what in the world khaki diaper butt is (I found your site googling khaki diaper butt, in fact), but a pair I ordered (after a Facebook ad!) arrived today and they are fantastic.

But yeah - no idea what khaki diaper butt is. I'll let you know if I find out more.

Anonymous said...

Diaper Butt occurs when a man's slacks have an inseam that is too long. The result is excess fabric that hangs low, making the butt look frumpy and saggy. A tighter cut makes a man look leaner ... well, usually. If he's fat, a generous cut is better. Despite being lean, I often suffer from diaper butt, and it drives me crazy.