Monday, September 29, 2008

More Facebook Bizarre Ads

Worried that I might have more than just Khaki Diaper Butt (and for some reason, whenever I think of that I keep picturing the great advertisements of my ancestors, as The Virtual Dime Museum outlines from time to time), I clicked More Ads under one of the ads displayed over at Facebook today. Check it out:

Well now I know that the ads are generated off of info from my profile and current info out on the Interwebs. They picked up on the fact that I work for Heller Ehrman and that the 119 year old law firm is imploding. The Rolling Razor, the "iPod of razors" just scares me.

Okay, I understand the Cubs ad since I live in Chicago and the Cubs haven't won a World Series in 100 years. Oprah on a diet? I never would have believed it. Now are they trying to tell me I need to be on a diet or is Oprah there as part of the Chicago connection? Sidenote: I cannot tell you how many times I meet new people who, when learning that I live in Chicago, ask me either a) if I can get them tickets to Oprah's Favorite Things or b) if I ever run into Oprah.

French Canadian genealogy ad . . . hmmmm. They must be monitoring my friendship with my Canadian cousins Lorine and Kathryn. Finally, "Never Shave Again." Okay what will it be - shave all the time with the Rolling Razor or never again after some torture which is probably worse than a Belgian Wax. Sidenote: a Belgian Wax is one that hurts so much that you treat yourself to a Belgian waffle afterwards.

This batch of ads makes the most sense given my profile and my Facebook habits. Roots Magic software, learning law via distance learning, Netflix. The ruby red slippers are suspect though - urging me to rent the Wizard of Oz today! If they really knew me, they'd know I already own the DVD.

Finally, this batch makes no sense or does it? Army Wives? The dog ad probably shows up due to the photo gallery of my dogs. Free products for USA men - I guess that makes it exclusive since it is only USA men. And moving? I ain't going anywhere right now.

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