Monday, October 20, 2008

Cabinet of Curiosities - 10th Edition

I have the honor to host the 10th Edition of the Cabinet of Curiosities and present for your perusal and contemplation, a most varied array of items. Before we begin digging around the cabinet, I'd like to thank the creator of Cabinet, Tim Abbott over at Walking The Berkshires for letting me help out!

One upside of a hurricane, if there can be such a thing, is the way many buried artifacts are brought to light. GrrlScientist presents Hurricane Ike Unearths Fossil Tooth in Paleontologist's Yard posted at Living the Scientific Life. What are the chances that such a fossil would turn up in a paleontologist's yard? I pause and wonder what would my yard bring forth in such a storm!

Have you ever seen or heard of an altered book? My artist friends around the world keep telling me about their altered book projects - some are even "round robin" where one artist works on the book and mails it to the next artist, etc. But image if you found such a work of art that your grandfather had created? See how Sasha Mitchell presents Shadowland: John a Dreams, my Great Great Grandfather's altered book posted at Memory Lane. Sasha's story of what her grandfather created is simply amazing.

Tim Abbott presents Curiosities in Cold Storage posted at Walking the Berkshires. What happens when a collection of scientific specimens seems outdated and "not with the times?" Hopefully it falls into the caring hands of someone like H. Bruce Rinker and others who see the true value of the items and take the time to place them in an engaging and updated environment.

Did you know the emu eggs are blue? Terry Thonton does as he presents My Emu Egg posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. Learn about this most curious egg which has followed Terry around on his many moves - or has he followed it?

Carol Wilkerson presents Cabinet of Curiosities - 10th Edition - Ancient Indian Vessel posted at iPentimento. Learn about an artifact belonging to her grandfather and how Carol, as custodian of said artifact, was able to place it with its rightful owners.

Have you ever seen or eaten a durian? For some of us it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and one not to be repeated. Cancerkitty presents Adventurous Eating Gone Awry posted at DelSquacho. Your host remembers the time in the 1980s when someone traveled back from Asia with a large durian in the overhead bin. Almost as bad as the time another fellow passenger's jar of kimchee burst in mid-flight.

M. Diane Rogers presents Cabinet of Curiosities – 10th Edition posted at CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt'. A laminated glass block which traveled across Canada serves not only as a paperweight but as a reminder of a time long ago when Diane's grandparents lived in Hamilton, Ontario.

And finally, your host, Thomas MacEntee, presents The China Syndrome: Queen Elizabeth II Tea Pot posted at Destination: Austin Family. Come read about my porecelain Bess who serves a proper cup of tea - as proper as can be.


Terry Thornton said...

Thomas, Thanks for presenting such an interesting set of curiosities. I'm still laughing about your teapot. Each afternoon at tea time I think if only I had the Queen for tea. . .

Thanks for including my emu egg post. I've had a lot of fun and teasing about the egg on my desk shelf.


GreenmanTim said...

Masterful job, Thomas.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

A nice collection. I'm sorry I wasn't able to contribute.