Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Blog Homecoming

I spent some time visiting blogs that I don't always visit since I read the posts in my Google Reader. Well now that I am self-employed and have a bit more time (yeah, right!), I wanted to participate in Kathryn Lake Hogan's challenge Fun Friday - Would You Care to Comment? and make 10 comments over at some of my favorite blogs.

1. Looking4Ancestors
Fun Friday - Would You Care to Comment?

Hey cousin! I forgot to tell you Happy Thanksgiving yesterday so now I do so belatedly. Thanks for this challenge - I am going to see if I can hammer this out and then post about it. Cheers!

2. Virtual Dime Museum
The Lacy Cape

A lacy cape crusader? This is amazing - I am wondering the jacket was in such disrepair that his mother was trying to hide some damage?

3. West In New England
Would You Care to Comment? (Post #400!)

Congratulations on Post #400 Bill!

4. Shades of the Departed
Abraham Bogardus - Twice Told Tuesday

I have many Bogarduses in my tree beginning with Anna Bogardus (1725 - 1787) who was my 7th great-grandmother. I tried to find some ancestral information for Abraham but over on Ancestry I find conflicting information. Given that he was born in Dutchess County, I would think he would fit in my tree somehow but right now I can't see how.

5. Walking The Berkshires
Halcyon Days

We have autumn here in Chicago, short-lived as it is, but I miss the rolling hills of my home back in New York! I will be in the Hudson Valley in less than two weeks but I fear that the leaves will have all fallen by then.

6. Nordic Blue
Just Call Me Anna

I found this post very interesting and now I am wondering if anyone has done a Top 25 table for Dutch names for boys and girls!
Also - welcome back. I missed you all those months when you weren't posting!

7. Small-leaved Shamrock
The real Annie Moore remembered at last

Thank you! I've been following Meagan's progress with this project and I am glad it has finally come to fruition.

8. Little Bytes of Life
Happy Blogiversary To Me

Congratulations - I am a big fan of your site and I also want to thank you for all you've contributed to the genea-blogger community!

9. Family Matters
A Different Messenger

Thanks for highlighting this - I am a big fan of "cross platform" apps and it looks like Meebo might be the answer for some of my IM issues. Right now I am partial to Yahoo but I despise all their marketing downloads. I also find MSN Messenger (or whatever they are calling it this month) difficult to maneuver around.

10. Granite In My Blood
Hello Cousin Midge

I checked out Inspiration and wondered why you used this to create the chart vs. other apps. that are available.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Syracuse was once called Bogardus Corners. My connection is only by marriage but I'll see what fM has when I catch up here.

Less than two weeks? I think there will be a few pretty leaves left then but probably past peak.

Henk van Kampen said...

now I am wondering if anyone has done a Top 25 table for Dutch names for boys and girls

I'm not aware of any statistics for the 17th/18th century, but I did post about the most popular Dutch names of the past two centuries (but not as a top 25 list). I also post the top 10 most popular names each year on Trace your Dutch roots. Just click on "Dutch names" in the topics list to find them.

I'll see if I can come up with a top 10 or top 25 for the 19th century for a future post.

Bill West said...

Thanks, Thomas!

Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Thomas,
I am so glad you participated in the challenge. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading on a regular basis. Keep on bloggin' & commentin!