Friday, October 3, 2008

Me and My Home Office

Besides soon going into business for myself (running a law firm technology consulting firm), my home office has been used for genealogy.

In yesterday's post about my appearance at Angie's List®, I did not mention my appearance in the e-zine that they send to all members. I figured there was no sense in posting the link since most of my readers are probably not members of Angie's List®.

But I did capture one of the other photos of me in my office. You can see my wall charts behind me. In fact, for the page layout, Angie's List® also used one of my ancestor fan charts, color-coded by generation, as an underlay for the photo.

Photo: Thomas MacEntee researches genealogy on in his Chicago home office. Digital image taken August 7, 2008 by Jason Madden. Angie's List Magazine, October 2008, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the business, make sure you check out and join the group on LinkedIn!