Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SAGE Journals - Free Access In October

A big thank you to Jennifer at Rainy Day Genealogy Readings for her mention about SAGE Journals Online allowing free access to their journals until October 31st.

I have taken them up on this free offer and have noted that you do need to register and that you cannot access articles printed before 1999.

However, there are still quite few gems including access to The Journal of Family History.

I also did a search using the keywords Dutch + Colonial and found many articles about the social customs and living conditions that my ancestors in colonial New York would have encountered.

So get creative on your searches! And I can tell you using genealogy as a keyword will bring up mostly non-family history articles. I would recommend using some of your surnames, place names, etc.

Tip: use the Advanced Search function to limit your search results to articles from 1999 forward.

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