Friday, October 17, 2008

The Week In Facebook: 10/17/2008

This is a weekly feature which will document some of the genea-blogger happenings as they relate to Facebook®.

- Since last Friday, the Genea-Bloggers group has increased its membership by 6 more members for a total of 226.

- There is a great discussion going on as to whether or not to use footnotes in your blog posts. Check it out.

- A great month-long event, The Polish History and Culture Challenge, deserves your attention. This event has been posted by Donna Pointkouski of What's Past Is Prologue and takes in almost every aspect of Polish culture.

Again, if anyone has a question as to how to use Facebook®, I'd be happy to help. You can always email me directly but if you post your question as a Discussion Topic at the Genea-Bloggers group, you might find that other members also have the same questions.

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Louisiana Genealogy Blogs said...

I'm enjoying the Genea-Bloggers group on Facebook. It is a nice change to read my Genea-Blogs on BlogNetworks instead of my Bloglines.