Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LIFE Magazine Image Archive via Google

Today Google announced that they have made available about 2 million images from the archives of Life magazine with a goal of posting the other 8 million images during the next few months.

I remember that while we never received Life magazine at home, I was always able to read it over at my great-grandparents' house and occasionally when I went to the doctor or dentist. Yes, even at the young age of six I eschewed Highlights and other children's magazines in favor of the fabulous photos offered by the over-sized Life magazine. Goofus and Gallant had nothing on a good Dorothea Lange photo - this was obvious to even someone as young as me.

While the images are all copyrighted and I'm not sure they would fall within the "fair use" rules in terms of posting on your blog, you can order merchandise such as framed photos of certain images.

Check out the archive here and be prepared to while away at least an hour traveling down memory lane.

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