Sunday, November 9, 2008

Light On Posts

Just a quick note to my regular visitors and to the new ones as well: I've been bogged down with setting up my new company - now that I am among the many unemployed - and have been lacking in terms of blog posts.

I have lots of news and lots of posts coming up.  I am also going to pre-post several weeks of regular items such as Tombstone Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday.

Other highlights coming up this month:

- a special post on Veterans Day; remember to thank a vet not just this Tuesday but every day!

- introduction of a new series for those thinking of purchasing a new computer this holiday season called I Dream of Genea-Computer!

- information on a genealogy wiki that I am developing called Lowville Long Ago using the same platform as Wikipedia.  This project is so complicated that it needs its own blog just to explain the construction phase!

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Apple said...

It sounds like you won't know if you're coming or going most days! I hope clients start lining up soon!!!