Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Term Genea-Blogger - Now Listed In BlogOh!Pedia™

Just a quick mention that despite my earlier defeat over at Wikipedia, I have been successful in getting one site to recognize the term "genea-blogger."

The Chapeau Blog Awards has created BlogOh!Pedia™ which invites readers to submit a blogging related term.

Take a look when you have a chance. My favorite new term is "Idearrhea" which is, and I quote: "The state a blogger gets in when he has so many ideas to blog about that he can’t actually write anything. Idea Diarrhea, Idearrhea."


Bill West said...

Way to go, Thomas!Maybe eventually Wikipedia will get a clue and recognize the term as well!

M. Diane Rogers said...

Good stuff, Thomas! Thanks!
I like that blogaroo for Australian bloggers. Maybe blog-eh for Canadians...(even we western Canadians have embraced the 'eh' thing). I could be a genea-blogger-eh!