Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Few Notes On The DAF Redesign

Well I think I've settled on a template that works for me but I also want to key readers into certain changes going on at DAF:

- DAF will be more focused on my personal research and my carnival postings.

- I have moved posts related to geneabloggers (such as This Week in Facebook and This Week's New Geneablogs) over to the Geneabloggers site.

- Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers will still be the repository for technical posts such as how to add certain blog features or how to use new technologies and apply them to the art of geneablogging.

- I no longer display a bloglist at either DAF or Facebook Bootcamp. There were reports that the main page for each of those blogs took a long time to load and I was able to pinpoint the cause to a blogroll with over 225 geneablogs! The complete list is displayed in the sidebar over at Geneabloggers.


Andrea Christman said...

I like your redesign! It is very clean and you can quickly see at a glance many more posts that when it is displayed the traditional way with just 2-3 of the most recent ones showing! Your technical ability inspires me! It took me forever today to figure out what was wrong with a couple of images I was trying to upload and you have THREE blogs going! Plus facebook! Wow!

Gini said...

I too like your new blog design, its organized and easy on the eyes. You are truly amazing Thomas, I have a hard time with just the one blog (I have limited time right now). I hope someday to be good at it too! You are truly enrich our genealogy lives, thank you Thomas.

Taneya said...

very nice redesign