Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High School Survey - The Latest Meme

How appropriate - right now I am writing an article about memes over at gene@pedia and this is a good example of one.  I think it started as part of Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun over at Genea-Musings.

1. What was your school's full name, where was it, and what year did you graduate?

Liberty Central High School, Liberty, New York, 1984.

2. What was the school team nickname, and what are/were your school's colors?

Indians, red and white.

3. What was the name of your school song, and can you still sing it?

I have no idea - I believe they would only sing it at graduation and the lyrics were printed on the back of the graduation program.

4. Did you have a car? How did you get to and from school?

No car.  Never have and never will.  I don't drive, I am driven.

5. Did you date someone from your high school? Or marry someone from your high school? Were you considered a flirt?

I was more of a nerdy clown.

6. What social group were you in?

I transcended most groups but I hung out with the smart kids.

7. Who was/were your favorite teachers?

Miss Mauer - Spanish; Mr. Talkington - English

8. What did you do on Friday nights?

Watched Don Kirchner's show, didn't everyone?

9. Did you go to and have fun at the Senior Prom?

I went.  It was at Bernie's Holiday Inn at Rock Hill.  And the next day we all got up and drove down to the Great Adventure Amusement Park in Vernon, New Jersey.

10. Have you been to reunions, and are you planning on going to the next reunion?

My high school years were really not happy ones for me so I've opted out of the reunions.

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