Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Genealogy and Technology Examiner

Last week, I mysteriously alluded to some good news in my Facebook status and on Twitter.  Well I can finally let the cat out of the bag.

Starting this week, I'll be writing for the Examiner.com website as its National Genealogy and Technology Examiner.  When I applied for this writing gig a few weeks ago, Examiner.com was looking for local writers from here in Chicago to create content on Chicago events, issues, etc.  Failing to have any angle on genealogy or technology as it applied to Chicago, and never being one who is easily deterred (I am my mother's son after all), I convinced Examiner.com to add a new sub-category for genealogy and technology under its Gadgets and Tech section.

With a minimum of four posts a week, it is my goal to still provide engaging content here at Destination: Austin Family as well as at Geneabloggers and many of my other blogs.  If you have any topic suggestions as they relate to genealogy and technology, please send them on to me and I'm sure I can come up with one or more posts about them.

Try to take a visit over at my Examiner.com site from time to time - I'd appreciate your visit and your comments!


JoLyn said...

Congratulations Thomas! Great news indeed!

Amy (We Tree) said...

Yay! I could not think of a better choice for this position. Congratulations!

Sheri said...

You go boy! You do us genea-bloggers proud MacEntee!

Sally J. said...

Congrats on the new gig and kudos for your tenacity. You rock!

Lisa said...

Good work - you are definitely a great man for the job. I'll look forward to reading more from you in lots of places!

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