Thursday, March 19, 2009

Historic Map Works

I saw this link on a blog post over at Genit by Liv Marit (one of our new Norwegian geneabloggers) and while I don't read Norwegian (not having any such ancestors), I was able to follow Liv's link to Historic Map Works.

While it appears to be a standard e-commerce site where you can purchase maps in digital form (and they have some great county maps!), this one item was very interesting to me: Illustration Finder.

Using their search method of name along with a state, you can locate old magazine and book illustrations that may show one or more of your ancestors.  I've been looking up Austins and Putmans even though I can't see the entire image clearly (you need to order the item to see the image without the watermark), it gives me an idea of the type of information available for my ancestors.

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