Monday, June 22, 2009

Madness Monday - Sarah Ann Christiana Where Were You In 1900?

I spent much of my weekend genealogy research time (yes, with everything going on I still try to get in about 3-5 hours per weekend) going mad and looking for my 2nd great-grandmother, Sarah Ann Chrstiana who married William R. Krom in Marbletown, Ulster, New York on June 30, 1866.

William R. Krom died on November 19, 1891 in the town of Olive, Ulster, New York and my research so far indicates that Sarah Ann would have gone to live with one of her children, most likely the eldest, Peter Jacob Krom.

In 1920, Sarah Ann Christiana is shown living in Marbletown with the family of her daughter Sarah Eliza Krom who married Leonard Wynkoop about 1915. Sarah Eliza was almost 40 years of age and this was Leonard's second marriage (he had married Mary Barley about 1876 and Mary passed away sometime after the 1910 US Federal Census). Since Sarah Ann Christiana died on February 26, 1926 in Gardiner, Ulster, New York, I should be able to locate her in both the 1900 and 1910 US Federal Census reports, correct?

Well so far my efforts on Ancestry have not been fruitful so my next steps will be working with Family Search and barring that perhaps I will even go through all the Marbletown entries for 1900 and 1910 via Ancestry. My "hunch" is that Sarah Ann Christiana did not stray very far while her eldest son Peter Jacob Krom did die in Ravenna, Albany, New York in 1948, for the 1910 Census he was still located nearby in Forestburgh, Sullivan, New York.

I will also work on going through all the Krom children including Louisa Jane Krom, Alice D. Krom, Walter Krom, Dora Krom, Lucinda Krom and Loretta Krom.


Kelly said...

I had this trouble with my great-grandparents, Anthony and Catherine Doyle of Pittsburgh. I knew they should be in the census but couldn't find them. I finally resorted to looking the old-fashioned way. I knew where they should be geographically, so I searched through the census page by page where their part of Pittsburgh should be. Finally 2 weeks ago I found them, their name was incorrectly spelled. There were other Doyles living next door to them and I hope these are cousins! Still sorting that out.

I hope you don't have to resort to that sort of searching. It took me 3 nights, 3 hours per night, going through page after page after page...

Good luck!

pastprologue said...


What is the approximate birth year of Sarah Ann Chrstiana? Do you know when the children were born?


Martin said...

Sarah A. Krom was aged 29 in the 1880 census (b. ca. 1851) and born in New York. Using that I found her:

1900 N.Y. ED 115, Sheet 11, Marbletown, aged 47
1910 N.Y. ED 149, P. 29B, aged 60, Marbletown, living with son Franklin

Martin said...

BTW, I just searched her name; her birth within 5 years; born in New York; across all states. Worked like a charm for me.

Thomas MacEntee said...


Thanks for pointing out those census records.

I don't believe the Sarah Krom shown on

1900 N.Y. ED 115, Sheet 11, Marbletown, aged 47

is the same as Sarah Christiana. She indicates having had only one child and one child still living - the 1880 Census shows her with seven children.

Similar situation for

1910 N.Y. ED 149, P. 29B, aged 60, Marbletown, living with son Franklin

I don't show a Franklin listed as a child and this census states that Sarah had two children not seven.

I think both of these are Krom cousins. The problem is that Krom and Sarah are very common names in Ulster County NY during the 1900 and 1910 censuses.