Tuesday, August 11, 2009

German Genealogy Group Makes Major Database Updates

My readers know that I have German ancestry on my mother's side - namely her mother Anna May Henneberg as well as Anna's mother Frances Pressner. The German Genealogy Group has been a great FREE resource for me during my research - so much so that I decided to join this genealogy society even though I am nowhere near its usual meeting places in New York.

Well the GGG (as I commonly call it) has some great news about updates to its databases:
  • 13,087 names from 54 yearbooks have been added to the yearbooks database which now contains over 140,000 names in 426 yearbooks from around the country.
  • The Southern District Naturalizations database has been updated to include 6,331 repatriations, 2,381 WW II naturalizations, 856 Korean War naturalizations and 209 transferred naturalizations.
  • Joining all the other databases on this site is the index to 735,333 New York City birth records, all Counties, for the years 1901 through 1907.
The German Genealogy Group website offers over 30 different databases and all at a great price: FREE.

I urge you to look at GGG especially if you have German ancestry from the New York City area but also for any ancestry from NYC as well. And if you've found valuable information, think about joining them. Membership is only $15 a year.

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