Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SNGF: Genealogy Threes

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has posted his weekly Saturday Night Genealogical Fun challenge and I thought I might give it a go. The challenge is to give three responses to the following statements:

* Three genealogical libraries I frequent

True confessions: I don't get out much. Seriously. Between looking for full-time employment and running various blogs like GeneaBloggers, as well as working on genealogy presentations to give over the next few months, I am not left with much time.

The three libraries/archives that I love to visit, and I wish I could do so more often are:

* Three places I've visited on genealogy trips

Lowville, New York where my great-grandfather John Ralph Austin was born in 1896.
North Kingstown, Rhode Island where my 10th great-grandfather Robert Austin was born in 1638.
Westerly, Rhode Island where by 9th great-grandfather Joseph Crandall was born in 1661.

* Three genealogy societies I belong to (or want to)

* Three websites that help my research

* Three ancestral graves that I've visited

Hugo Freer in New Paltz, NY - my 8th great-grandfather
Elmer A. MacEntee in New Paltz, NY - my great-grandfather
Edward McEntee in New Paltz, NY - my 3rd great-grandfather

* Three ancestral places I want to visit

County Monaghan, Ireland where my MacEntee/McEntee ancestors lived.
Leipzig, Germany where my Henneberg ancestors lived.
Schenectady, New York where by Putman ancestors lived.

* Three brickwall ancestors I want to research more
Elizabeth Finehout, my 3rd great-grandmother
John Leehive, my 3rd great-grandfather
Matthew McGinnes, my 2nd great-grandfather

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