Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costco Carries Genealogy?

Who knew? Well, Costco doesn't really carry genealogy as a product but if you think about it they do carry many of the tools needed to preserve your memories: video cameras, computers, photo processing, scrapbooking materials, etc.

Readers who follow me on Twitter know that I am a big Costco fan and have been so every since the early 1990s back in California.  Each Saturday the big game in our house is called Escape from Costco Island: if you can get out of there in under 20 minutes and under $100 you win!  Well, let's just say I don't win very often.

In the November 2009 issue of Costco Connection - their membership magazine - there are several articles dealing with preserving memories, family history and genealogy.  The issue is available online and I've linked the articles below (they all open in a PDF file).

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Lynn Palermo said...

LOL,I know that game.