Saturday, October 24, 2009

Genealogy Journal Friday, October 23, 2009

How busy is busy?  Well I was up early so I got a head start - Fridays can be touch and go.  I'm finding more bloggers and readers either work alternate schedules or take Fridays off so that means lots of emails, blog posts and comments to wade through.
  • I was pleased to see quite a few Follow Friday posts.  Hope this daily blogging theme will take off and offer another topic upon which bloggers can post.
  • Found a new site called spectives which is an RSS aggregator but visually based. Created a small collection called genealogy but they require that each feed be entered manually - too time consuming with close to 700 blogs. Emailed their team to ask if they could import my OPML file one time and then I can publicize spectives on GB.
  • Finished and posted the Upcoming Weekly Events for next week over at GB.  I had the post finished late last night and gave it the once over.  October has had many conferences and speaking engagement since it is Family History Month.
  • I also did a special event post at GB on the 14th Annual Sunnyslope Cemetery Stroll in Corona, CA.  I thought the event was unique enough and a concept which other genealogical and historical societies could use in terms of events.
  • I was pleased to hear from footnote Maven that Elizabeth Shown Mills had checked in on our Find A Grave citation quandry - and I didn't get a source citation ticket.  Woot!  fM has done great job tracking this issue and you can read more here at Citation Geeks - Elizabeth Shown Mills Bats Cleanup.
  • Began a new pro bono research project - this time someone with Hawiian and heretfore unknown Portuguese ancestry.  Very interesting - I had to educate myself on the Portuguese naming conventions and found out they are different in Brazil than they are in Portugal.
  • Music today: Nikki Harris (one of Madonna's backup singers), Sophie Millman, Diana Krall, John Barrowman, Patricia Barber and lots of jazz.  I use my iPod Nano and hook it up behind me with a pair of bookshelf speakers.

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footnoteMaven said...

Thanks for the shout out!

When I got an email from Elizabeth Shown Mills, my knees started to shake.