Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genealogy Journal Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well Wednesday started out great but keep reading and you'll see how I had to cope with disaster.
  • Woke up early at 3am, made coffee and figured I had such a productive writing day on Tuesday that I could go for a repeat.  Was I wrong.
  • I'm saving much of the disaster description for my Data Backup Day post since, luckily, I had backed up my data the day before.  But not my settings.  The short story: I had to wipe the entire computer clean, reinstall the factory image, and reload all my programs and settings.  This is still going on and will take at least a week to finish.
  • My intent was to work on several posts including carnival deadlines since I will be in New York this weekend visiting Mom.  Well, that didn't happen!
  • Music today: no music - it takes too much concentration when you are working on reloading programs on the computer and dealing with settings.  Ugh.
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Anonymous said...


It's always painful to read posts like this. This happened to me earlier in the year. My machine is just not the same. I feel for ya...

"Guided by the Ancestors"