Sunday, November 1, 2009

Genealogy Journal Friday, October 30, 2009

My Fridays are usually freaky - very unpredictable and very often I don't seem to accomplish much.
  • Pre-posted for several days at GeneaBloggers in case I don't have a suitable Internet connection while in New York over the weekend. Includes New Genealogy Blogs post - we've added 13 great newly-discovered genealogy blogs pushing our blog roll total to 707!
  • Finally placed all the links to different types of backup resources (Windows, Mac, Google Docs, Internet Explorer etc.) all in one post.  I will try to keep this updated each month and then link it for Data Backup Day..
  • Finished my ProGen 4 assignment finally.  I will take one pass at it for a final review tomorrow before posting.
  • Music today was pretty limited - it was laundry day and since my office is at the back of the house (where the laundry, hot water heater and furnace/central air are all in the closet units) and it is difficult to have the music compete with the noise.
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