Friday, November 6, 2009

Genealogy Journal Thursday, November 5, 2009

A very busy day with lots of genealogy and other stuff thrown in.  I finally feel like I am getting back into the writing groove - I find it hard to do if I am behind on emails and reading blog posts.  There are just too many distractions that pull me away from my writing.
  • I found some very nice Treasure Chest Thursday posts and took time to read them.  It is great when bloggers can post those photos about heirlooms and tell the story behind them.
  • At GeneaBloggers I put up a guest post from Maureen Taylor of the Photo Detective blog about the proper ways to use photos in a blog.  Maureen always has sound advice and is one of the experts I turn to when I have questions about photographs.
  • Also at GB, I made sure to remind readers to vote for their favorite genealogy blogs over at Family Tree Magazine since it was the last day to do so.  The winners will be announced in the May 2010 issue.
  • To Touch Mom's Face Again was a very difficult post to write for DAF but I really needed to bring some closure to my weekend trip out to New York.  I am very glad I made the trek, glad that I posted about it and I can't believe how many loving, supportive people left comments.  There are times when I am just overwhelmed and amazed at the depth of caring in the genealogy blogging community.
  • My friend Erica rang me up and wanted to grab dinner and drinks. Since it was Thursday, we knew the best deal was Casey Moran's right across from Wrigley Field: $3 microbrew pints (love my Belgian beer), 1/2 price appetizers and $2 burgers.  I also think the waitresses like to see us because we tip based on the full price, not the discounted prices!
  • Home again and worked on indexing a week's worth of obituaries for the Obit Daily Times.
  • Music today: There was too much going on today to fuss with music.  Plus I still haven't fixed my iTunes setup to access my 18,000+ songs.
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