Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Day at Family History Expo Mesa

The final day, Saturday 23 January 2010, of the 2nd Annual Arizona Family History Expo found me awake early again!  As I said before, Miss Holly who runs the show must not know me very well since she scheduled me for an 8:00 am class!

I was able to run into Amy Coffin of We Tree and Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist in the lobby of the Phoenix Mesa Marriott around 7:15 am.  We sat and had coffee and a pastry before heading over to the convention center.  I located my room which sat about 100 people and by time the top of the hour rolled around, there were about 85 people!  The topic: Become A Genealogy Blog User and I have to say the response was great.

My presentation discussed not only the various categories of genealogy blogs (as depicted in the Genealogy Blog Primer over at GeneaBloggers), but also why genealogists should be following genealogy blogs.  In addition, I gave a quick lesson on how to use Google Reader to efficiently follow blogs as well as making sure to leave feedback using the Comments feature.

I want to thank Amy and Lisa for being in the class (and for not being unruly!) as well as all those participants who had wonderful questions.  While I don't think we'll see many of the attendees creating their own genealogy blogs, I do think many of them will look to Google Blog Search when looking up surnames and other research points.

* * *

During the presentation I referenced these great genealogy blogs (see below).  When I present this class again in the future, I will probably change the mix of links so that many different bloggers get a shout out and can be discovered by the class participants.

Getting Started
Genealogy Blog Finder
Google Blog Search

Archives and Libraries
Genealogy Librarian News

Glenview Public Library

Library of Congress blog

Association of Graveyard Rabbits

Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols


Education and Certification
The Educated Genealogist

A Canadian Family

Al’s Polish-American Genealogy

Our Georgia Roots

Scottish Genealogy Blog

Taneya’s Genealogy Blog

Trace Your Dutch Roots

Family Reunions
Rush Reunion Benedicta, Maine

Genealogical and Historical Societies
California Genealogical Society and Library

Chula Vista Genealogy Café

Grey County Historical Society Blog

Indiana Genealogical Society Blog

Itawamba History Review

MoSGA Messenger

Genealogy Conferences
Family History Expos Genealogy Blog

Federation of Genealogical Societies

National Genealogical Society

Southern California Genealogical Society

Genealogy Industry Blogs Genealogy

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Family Tree Magazine blogs

Renee’s Genealogy Blog

Genealogy Vendors
Roots Magic blog

CanadaGenealogy, or ‘Jane’s Your Aunt’

St. Vincent Memories

The “You Go Genealogy Girls”

Uphill Both Ways

Individual Family History Blogs
100 Years In America

Two Sides of the Ocean

What’s Past Is Prologue

Photos and Charts
Dead Fred’s Relatively Speaking

Shades of the Departed

Who Will Tell Their Story?

Genealogy Roots blog

Grant Parish Louisiana Obituaries

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Online City, County & Rural Directories

A Worthington Weblog

Raeburn Family Odyssey

Zalewski Family Genealogy

Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers

Computer Tips & Tutorials

Rainy Day Genealogy Readings

Writing Your Family History

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thomas, it was a pleasure to be in the audience. Of course I wanted to support you, but I also attended because I wanted to gauge the audience's reaction to the topic.

They took notes and you held their attention throughout the presentation. I agree with you that they're not going to go out and all start blogs, but they understand what they are and their value now. And that's a giant technological leap.

Are you scheduled to present this topic other places?

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thank you, Thomas. It's great to have someone doing outreach for those of us in the blogosphere - especially those of us who live far off the beaten track and will rarely get to attend these events.
Evelyn in Montreal

Janet Hovorka said...

Thomas, There just isn't enough time in the day at these conferences. It was so good to see you even though it was so brief. Honored to be included in your presentation. Hope to be able to catch your presentations in the future too. You are the master. Next time I hope you can carve out some time to talk more. Glad I get to see you online.

The SCGS and Mesa beads hang in a place of honor in my office. I'm going for a big collection. Let me know if you ever need a corporate sponsor for those. :-)

Luckie said...

Thomas thanks for all you do for the Genea-community at large and for including me on this wonderful list of diverse blog resources.

I found myself clicking away & taking notes.

Looking forward to seeing you here in Atlanta!:-)



Miriam said...

Thanks for including my directories blog with your group of research blogs. Wish I could have attended!

Randy Seaver said...

So you either talk real fast in this 50 minute talk or you don't say much and show the pretty blogs?

Did you show every one of them? If so, wow. I did my Genealogy blog talk on Saturday at Escondido and after showing how to create a blog and how to read blogs there was scant time to visit the 30 blogs I listed on the one-page handout.

Thanks for including three of mine in your list. I'll check my "where did they come from" list and see if my traffic got a bump from your list.

Cheers -- Randy

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments.

Randy: I don't have time to show each and every blog- I usually pick one from each category. However, I have all the blogs and their respective hyperlinks listed in the syllabus both printed and on the CD.

footnoteMaven said...


Thanks for the shout out for my blogs! How I wish I had been there.