Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meeting A Genealogy Celebrity

Last Saturday evening on 9 January 2010, I attended a banquet sponsored by at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of my Blogger's Day trip.  As I was getting ready to stake out my seat right next to Diane Haddad of Family Tree Magazine and Kimberly Powell of Genealogy, I looked up and noticed a beautiful female face that also seemed familiar.

It wasn't until later when my other table mate, Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie pulled me aside and asked me to take a picture of him with this woman did I realize who she was and why the photo request.  It was Peggy McDowell who had starred in one of the commercials as part of the My Story series.

The embedded clip is below.  I can tell you it was a pleasure to get to talk with Peggy and to learn that she is fairly close by to me here in Chicago!

* * *

You can read a great description of the banquet posted over at Ancestry Insider.  Much better said than I could.

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CMPointer said...

OK, I'm officially jealous. I didn't think this could happen, but it did. [lol] I love Ancestry's marketing campaign, and not just because their affiliate ads match my blog in theme and color either. ;) I think they're tastefully done to target people that hadn't maybe thought about genealogy before. And I can't believe you got to meet Peggy. [lol] Well, if I couldn't meet her then I'm glad you did [and Craig]. [sigh]