Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Generations Project Comes To My Hometown

Wow!  I sat down on the computer tonite to get my weekly dose of The Generations Project and guess what?  This week's episode with Lumina Gershfield was partially filmed in the small town in upstate New York where I grew up!  Not only couldn't I believe it (my town - Liberty - has maybe 4,000 people) but I also knew all the landmarks such as Kaplan's Restaurant in Monticello, the people and more. It was like "old home week" watching the episode.

But Lumina and I seem to have another connection - Alzheimer's Disease.  As part of her journey to learn more of her family, she travels to see her grandmother Ann Kaplan (former mayor of Monticello NY and owner of Kaplan's Restaurant) who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's.  It was difficult even for me to watch this portion - her visit was much like my last visit to see my own mother last month.  You could sense the desire to connect and while outwardly there was no response, you just hope that the person hears you and feels your presence.

You can learn more about The Generations Project at their website and follow them on their Facebook fan page.  Here is this week's episode:

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Becky Jamison said...

Thomas, I actually thought of you during that part of the show. But I hadn't realized that's where you were from too. My husband felt much the same as you since his father suffered from Alzheimer's. He and I spent many hours with my father-in-law just as Lumina was doing. The program is inspiring and touching every week, isn't it. I'm so glad there will be a Season 2.