Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday - Jen Holik-Urban

[Editor's note: I recently looked back at many of my posts here at DAF and realize they've gone off course in terms of my personal genealogy.  I've been busy building a career in the genealogy industry - with lots of wonderful support from the genealogy blogging community - but I want to start getting back to "my roots": posting about my genealogy and my thoughts on certain aspects of the field.]

Instead of recommending one genealogy blog this week, I want to recommend a genealogy blogger with multiple blogs: Jen Holik-Urban who runs Family History Research Tips as well as the Chicago Family History Blog.

I know - living in Chicago and being involved with Illinois genealogy may make me partial to Jen's sites, but the reason I want folks to follow her is this: to me she is an inspiration as a transitional genealogist. By transitional I mean someone who has worked years in the field as a "hobbyist" albeit with all the research skills and ethics of a professional, but who has decided to start her own genealogy business (it is called Generations and specializes in Illinois genealogy research as well as writing and education).

Keep an eye on Jen - she has greats plans, runs some great blogs and finds resources that are valuable (and that have somehow flown under my radar!).  I predict big things in the future for her and her company.

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Jen said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and posting my blogs and business links! Your willingness to help a transitional genealogist move forward and achieve goals is heartwarming to me and I hope to follow your example and pay it forward.

I believe if there were more encouraging, kind, and helpful people like you in the world, more people would take that step and make their dreams, whatever they are, come true. YOU are an inspiration.