Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow Friday: Clue Wagon

This week's Follow Friday selection is Kerry Scott of the wonderful and funny Clue Wagon blog!

So what makes Kerry and her site worth following? For me it is the honest and the comedy.  Kerry and I share similar backgrounds in that we've come out of many years in the corporate world and are trying to navigate our way in a brand new work world.  And I think this speaks to many people - not just genealogists - given the current economic situation.

And who couldn't love someone who freely admits to hiring a psychic to assist with her genealogy? Read the series of posts and you'll agree that Kerry is skilled at writing about the many different ways in which we can all experience genealogy and family history.

So get a clue and get in the wagon - at Clue Wagon!

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Kerry Scott said...

Hey, that's me! Thank you!

We fugitives from corporate-land have to stick together.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I'm late to the party, but this is a great choice. We need to get Kerry to a genealogy conference at some point. Something tells me she'll gladly join our important genealogy meetings in the hotel bar.

Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

I had to laugh about hiring a psychic to do some work....About twenty five years ago I went to a veterinarian because my old dog 915)was having trouble with his urination. She said she would do a holistic approach and see what he needed.

I asked if I could watch. This was really strange. She had a rather large crystal pendulum on a chain (looked like a necklace) and held it over the dog. It swung back and forth and somehow ??? she determined that the dog was lacking in some nutrients. So, she shook out some combination of minuscule beads and I went home with a supply of tiny beads to give to the dog.

Much to my surprise, THE DOG GOT BETTER, if I had not seen this procedure, I would have not believe it. The old dog lived about one year in better health after that holistic evaluation.

All I can say is don't knock it.