Monday, October 18, 2010

What Happens In Banff . . .

The above photo was snapped during the side trip to Banff at an inopportune moment when I as attempting to sit on the stuffed moose outside a store in downtown Banff.  There really was a seat there - I swear! But I figured it wasn't fair to subject the poor moose to my sitting upon it.  Besides, the seat really was intended for "luxury size" guys like me.

Photo: Goosed By A Moose, digital photograph, Banff, Alberta, Canada, taken October 15, 2010 by Joan Miller. Used by permission.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Kerry Scott said...

Best. Photo. Ever.

Are you sure you're not giving him a lap dance? Because we won't judge you if you were. Really.

Susan Petersen said...

I'd like to be around 100 years from now when future MacEntee researchers come across this photo!

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

We all know you were just tying your shoe lace. LOL!

We had fun in Banff despite the snow!