Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thomas' Morning Tech Routine

I know you all have been waiting to find out just how I do it each morning. Well, at least Jill Ball over at Geniaus wants to know and with her prompt, Genealogists - What's your Morning Tech Routine?, I am only too glad to oblige.

Believe me, it is not a glamorous routine. I don't have a staff of minions to do my bidding so all the work falls on me each morning. Much depends upon how I've slept the night before and whether I had a bout of insomnia or not. Here goes:

1. Must make a pot of coffee.  I grind my own beans, am particular about the bean to water ratio, a dash of cinnamon.  I have my ways.  And don't even try to call or talk to me until I have that huge cup in my hand.

2. Computer boots up while I am making coffee. Check Yahoo News and the Chicago Tribune websites.

3.  Go to Google Reader, log in as GeneaBloggers and tag all the blog posts that match that day's Daily Blogging Prompts. Skim over all the other posts that have come in overnight.

4. Check the blogiversaries for that day and give a shout out/share via Facebook and Twitter.

5. Login as myself and check Google Reader for technology posts and all my Google Alerts (I have them go to my Google Reader instead of email).

6. Then check email via Microsoft Outlook - 10 different email accounts (between personal, business, GeneaBloggers and all my volunteer groups). Do a quick "triage" and determine what needs to be answered right away.

7. Then get ready for the rest of the day. This means taking a quick shower (a body is a temple that must be maintained - even if mine resembles a Temple of Doom), trying to look half-way decent so I don't scare children and small animals whilst out on the street, and then getting dressed. Yes, a big part of working at home is routine and getting dressed each day!

8. Turn on iTunes and play some music, see if I have any conference calls for the day and then start planning out the rest of the day.

This routine usually starts at 9:00 am and I work straight through until 6:00pm each day, weekends included.  Evenings are taken up with conference calls for volunteer groups, webinars or just watching television.

Exciting, no? Glamorous, right? Hardly.  But this is what works for me right now. So what is your morning routine?

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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