Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 - Christmas Stockings

[Note: This post originally ran during the first Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories in December, 2007]

I remember pretty vividly the stockings that my brother and I would hang for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. They were made of a felt material printed with red and white stripes. Since we had no fireplace in the apartment where we lived, they were hung on the back of the front door, in the living room.

On Christmas morning we'd find items like Matchbox cars, card games like Uno, and nuts - mine were always a jar of macadamia nuts since Mom knew I loved them.

When we moved to our first home, I was 13 years old and not too old to hang my stocking. So it was placed on the wall near the wood stove in the corner of the living room. And it still contained macadamia nuts!

Presently the stockings are hung on the bar in the entry way - they are red silk with gold embroidered stars (I have a thing for red and gold). See, I still have a stocking but I am hoping that Santa fills it with more adult items like mixers, cocktail shakers or other fun stuff.

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