Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Off On A Certified Adventure

I've decided to fulfill one of my long professional and personal goals of becoming a Certified GenealogistSM by completing the Preliminary Application and mailing it in to the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

This is a big step for me as it has been a struggle for me lately to make a commitment to this important endeavor. I wanted to make sure that I was doing it for all the right reasons and that I could set aside enough time to pursue certification so that it is more than just a burden or another task on my project list.

Now I wait to receive my materials and to "go on the clock" as they say. For those of you not familiar with BCG or its programs, please look at their site and, more importantly, consider purchasing their Standards Manual.  Even if you never go for your CG or think that certification is for you, this book is one of the "must haves" in my library.  I purchased it when I was in the Boston University online program for a Certificate in Genealogical Research and I couldn't imagine pursuing any research without putting the standards into practice.

So off I go. Please understand that as part of the process I won't be able to discuss much in terms of my work or the materials I'm submitting.  Just know that I am looking forward to not just obtaining certification, but enjoying the adventure along the way.

Certified Genealogist and CG are proprietary service marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists® used by the Board to identify its program of genealogical competency evaluation and used under license by the Board’s associates.

© 2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Wendy said...

Congratulations, Thomas! You will be finished before you know it.

my Heritage Happens said...

Congratulations to you Thomas! Glad you did your homework, making certain you could devote the time f needed for this. You belong here, at this place and time, doing this, for YOU! Enjoy the journey!

(P.S. - I have the book too!)

Jenny Lanctot said...

Congratulations Thomas for taking this giant step toward even greater awesomeness! Try to remember all us little people when you make it to the "big time." :)

I will be following your progress with great interest because I'm about 2 years from going "on the clock" myself.

Above The Branches Genealogy LLC said...

Great going Tom.

Andrea Kelleher said...

Good for you Thomas! Make sure you enjoy the journey.

Sheri Fenley said...

Congratulations Thomas for making the commitment to "be all that you can be." I have been "On The Clock" for almost 1 year and find that I am going to have to decide whether to file for an extension or not.