Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Book of Me - Prompt 1: Who Are You?

[Editor's Note: The Book of Me is a series of writing prompts focusing on lifestreaming or preserving one's own memories rather than those of our ancestors and family members. Click here to read more.]

Who Am I?
  • I am Thomas.
  • I am a child of G-d.
  • I am living in the mid-20th to, hopefully, mid-21st centuries.
  • I am living in Chicago, United States.
  • I am gay.
  • I am my mother's son and caretaker.
  • I am a partner.
  • I am the steward and keeper of my family's history.
  • I am a genealogy professional.
  • I am an educator.
  • I am a techie.
  • I am opinionated.
  • I am inclusive.
  • I am a thinker.
  • I am a history geek.
  • I am tireless.
  • I am an observer.
  • I am fearless.
  • I am outspoken.
  • I am a doer.
  • I am an organizer.
  • I am a curator.
  • I am restless.
  • I am unique.
  • I am Thomas.
© 2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Julie Goucher said...

Interesting set of responses; I love that you started and ended you with yourself, but you are so right.

Judy Milde said...

I like it Thomas! Thanks for the example to help get us started!

Alex Daw said...

Thomas - these are great responses. Thanks for sharing these with us.